Tea With Triggers

June 13, 2024
Instead of telling the incessant negative self-talk, chatter- disbelief or judgment of self to “go away” Why not Sit down with them and have tea? 

During some stillness in nature - I sat Casually Listening to the looping “loud” thoughts and patterns in my mind. Spirals of Feelings and thoughts - so familiar, yet so deeply untrue… to the ME - I am NOW.

I thought.. "Well, Awareness of these thoughts is KEY, being able to see them as a thought - our thoughts as “not us” and just passing clouds of information…Has got me this far...So, Step 1. Done"

"Okay, Now what?" They come back, again and again, again and again.  I say "HEY- I don't believe that! Shoo - You, Old Thoughts!"

And.. Then what? They come back… Well, clearly this isn't working.

So, I thought..."Hmm, Instead of telling the incessant negative self-talk, chatter- disbelief or judgment of self to “go away” Why not Sit down with them and have tea?" Have a chat - you know, get to know them a little better. Maybe then, I could build up the confidence to kindly explain(while considering their feelings) Why it's just not going to work anymore. * wink *


I started, “Having tea” with the emotions that were buried beneath triggers.. rather than bringing awareness, and asking them to leave (which is 100% amazing if you can already do this) But for a step further... a Step Towards, A Lean In to curiosity...I Invited them in, spoke to them & found out they(the feelings) held answers about myself that EVEN I DIDN'T KNOW.

This is a practice I am still practicing. Please take these words as inspiration and feel free to create your own way- or if this resonates with you, then simply follow on below! 


Bring extra awareness to what is it that keeps coming up for you... Then, next time you feel a trigger, an old pattern, notice an old thought & try to CATCH IT & try to link it to an emotion . i.e Catch yourself  & Write it down. 

Then find some time in the next few days - Schedule it in or flow if you have spaciousnes.

Prepare - Your Favorite Type of tea ready, 2x cups & a journal. Light a Candle or Incense. Sit down & get comfy somewhere where you won't be disturbed for 10-30 minutes. 

Take 3 deep breaths - close your eyes and ask “INSERT EMOTION” to join you for Tea - and Tea only.(They must leave when you ask them to at the end)  Pour Yourself and them a tea.

Begin by Writing these questions down in your journal - and let “Insert Emotion” For example - whatever the first thing that comes to your mind as the answer - even if it makes no sense. Is what you should write down. “Emotion” Is giving you the answers “:) Use your  Imagination if that resonates with you.

*Remember you are speaking to “Emotion” So, When you ask “Why do you feel xyz…”... “Emotion” Should be answering - not your logic. Let it flow. 

  • Where do you live in my body?
  • What triggers you?
  • How do you express yourself subconsciously?
  • When was the First time you were felt by me?
  • What is a healthy way you like to be released ?
  • Why do you feel “”insert emotion”?

When you are done, Ask the Emotion Kindly - Thankyou for Sitting for tea with me, Thankyou for sharing -  I am Grateful for you - now you may leave. Take their tea and top it into a plant or garden (flush it if you dont have access to these) IMPORTANT Make sure the emotion is gone before you close up your journal, blow out your candle and go on with your day/night.

Come back to your journal, alone in the coming days to discover more. 

Enjoy! Experiment  & Play - You are magick and YOU have ALL the ANSWERS within YOU.

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