Self Pleasure With Juliet Allen

February 3, 2023
Here is something deeply personal, I'm excited to share. A sort of magic wand...

Here is Something deeply personal, I'm excited to share. A sort of magic wand...

A Weighted, Heavy, Natural, Crystal...holding energy and space. I admit, It travels with me far and wide, it has come everywhere with me for the last 2 years. #TheJulietAllenPleasureWand.

My Pleasure Wand’s have brought me undeniably boundless joy and sexual growth, not only in self pleasure.... I love to use them with a partner too.

In dark times it helped me find my way back home myself. Allowing me, all alone, to be willing and open to receiving and experiencing the untapped pleasure we all possess within our walls.

In joyous and lustful times the magic remains @juliet_allen Pleasure Wand’s for me, have been a unique way to open the flood gates, to a higher level of awareness and energetic vibration, let loose upon my sex life as well as personal connection to my own body and self as I began to trust and follow my own pleasure-based instincts. Letting go of shame or fear...

It’s about time we stopped shaming self pleasure and start celebrating it, our bodies are so full of pleasure. It is there to be expressed, felt and experienced.

Photo by gorgeous @stephcammarano 

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