ROXY x Mimi

February 8, 2024
It's #ROXYMIMI I had an absolute ball doing Product Design and Creative Direction for this Collection.


A huge Thankyou to the incredible team that made this possible. Thankyou for your time and talent ~ and extremely creative collaboration.

From major design to every tiny detail Eliza ~ Thankyou for being onboard with and realising my vision. Tahlea , Simon and everyone else. Thankyou deeply for being so open to having me to be involved in every single part of this project, for seeing, hearing and actualising my ideas and also for teaching me so so much throughout the process. For the laughs and the challenges~ every moment was magical!
Ming Nomchong for the incredible campaign shoot which I can’t wait to start sharing ~ I love working with you SO much. I am so HONOUREd to be able to continue to work together as we evolve! Shannon Bunn I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am! Not only for your incredible understanding of my fave and time and time again doing incredible natural and experimental makeup on me ~ but also the time and effort you have put into teaching me how to do it myself.
Emma Boseley for styling this shoot to a 9 ~ although you couldn’t be there your attention to detail and incredible sourcing of local Melbourne designers elevated these looks to exactly how I imagined them to look. Daniel Baker for your tireless help with styling, everything, supporting me everyday through my work my training and my spiritual journey. Jeremy Gryst for the incredible in studio shoot ~ you nailed it! the custom music score, everyone who assisted and everyone who works tirelessly on the backend ~ I love and appreciate you all so much!! We couldn’t have done this without every single one of you.

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