PS Kaufman X M.E Western Boot Design Collaboration

January 29, 2024
Mimi and Paul's shared obsession with vintage western boots has inspired a unique twist on classic western boots for their Design Collaboration.

Paul and I have known each-other for years! A dear friend I made during my time living in LA. My infatuation with his boot designs, plus Our shared obsession with vintage western boots... inspired our Design Collaboration & a unique twist on classic western boots.

SHOP the uniquely handmade, Eastern Boot Collection: pskaufman x me.

How are they made?

This process and Paul's expertise had me gobsmacked from the beginning.

Acknowledging the western boot ethic of practicality and no-nonsense, this construction features all the same details that make Pskaufman... distinctively comfortable and durable:

Soft leather uppers and signature turquoise leather lining and footbed that forms to your foot over time, making incredibly comfortable boots. hand-lasted and sewn with a leather welt by genuine good year-welt construction, then nailed in the shank area with 80 nails/pair, for iron-like strength. leather outsoles and leather heels with top-lifts of repurposed jet tire inner tubes, using the lighttread (tm) process for added flexibility, comfort and durability! the entire shoe is then hand-finished to ensure each shoe has its own unique character.

We are excited to announce our second boot: the crescent lace-up eastern boot, expanding their personal, and uniquely handmade, eastern boot collection: Pskaufman x me. the crescent lace-up eastern boot is a mash-up inspired by the original cowboy boots which laced up and had kilties, keeping brush out of the laces, and more contemporary western boots. they have an embroidered underlay of the Egyptian goddess isis and her wings are represented both on the embroidered toe and eye row. 

The first style to roll out was the junction eastern boot: inspired by mimi's Egyptian heritage and the notion of cow-boys and girls and their boots, in the middle east, mimi and Paul created a collection of eastern boots, that are equally suitable for rounding up livestock in the desert or dancing the night away on a felucca sailing down the nile! 

We also decided we love the print for embroidery so much that we decided to print it onto ethically & locally made bandannas. Check them out.

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