Nolla Co.

July 6, 2023
Nolla Co. bridges the gap between natural and sexy.

Love for all the bits and bobs, marks and spots. Imperfections, raw materials.

Shot by Sweet natured, clever creator Natascha Elisa, founder of Organic Ethical Intimates range Nolla co.

Using only natural materials such as Bamboo cotton. This brand accentuates the importance of Non-Toxic, Ethically made clothing that has Minimal Environmental impact. Reminding us that most clothing is made with unnatural or heavily dyed and treated materials, having these on your yoni or genitals all the time, isn't very nice. Yet, how many lingerie brands think of this?

Nolla co. and bridges the gap between natural and sexy. Natascha combines her expertise in design, love for lingerie and passion for ethical and conscious fashion to bring you this milestone intimates and swim line.

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