Move & Manifest Official Launch

July 6, 2023
My heart is cracked open! The Offical Launch of Move & Manifest.

My heart is cracked OPEN!

I woul like to extend a huge Thankyou to everyone who attended and was a part of bringing the Launch of #MOVE&MANIFEST to LIFE.

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who showed up (for yourself) and brought your unique energy to the space. Thankyou for being open-minded, surrendering o the process and giving it your all!

Special Thanks to, Egg of the Universe for giving MOVE&MANIFEST a home in Sydney. Myles, For capturing moments, smiles, hugs and tears. Daniel, Anita and Will for your never ending support and encouragement.

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I am hoping to share some of my favourite recipes, recent adventures, and some ways that I nourish my mind & body that can help you do the same, if needed.