Manifestation Monday

February 3, 2023
Manifesting your dreams isn’t just for the new moon, we can do it everyday.

Inspired by some dear friends, I continue the ritual of Manifesting whatever feels right EVERY MONDAY. Manifesting your dreams isn’t just for the new moon, you can do it any day and everyday.

Shhh... We still leave the really big dreams for when the moon's magical powers are extra potent! In particular - The New moon! See New Moon Ritual for more!

On Mondays, I like to focus on whatever pops into my mind and FEELS like a YES. It might be health for my family, it might be motivation to finish that blog post this week, It might be a new creative idea, it might be financial abundance, it might be my dream home! There is no right or wrong. I start by finding a quiet space, even a table at a cafe or at your desk - it doesn’t have to be at home! If you aren’t doing this ritual at your altar or in your space make sure you energetically clear the space around you. I do this by closing my eyes taking three deep breaths - Into the belly, chest and release. Imagining a force-field of positive light energy around me. Illuminate this light with your breath - like embers of an open fire. Growing from the inside out, and surrounding and - protecting you. Then you begin!

Just call it in. I like to make a list, mental or physical - and leave the rest up to magic.

And so it is....

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