Magnetize It ~ New Moon Ritual

April 9, 2024
A New Moon Ritual to Magnetize your dreams ~ Accepting & Understanding why sometimes, it just doesn't work.


I always wondered….A rare few times, I found myself in this states of connected & heightened emotion, usually brought on through dance or meditation - as if what I am focussed on, dreaming of or wishing for is already mine. Next thing I know, it's there. Whether it was a job, a lover, an opportunity, and an idea. Other times I would try, and force and ask the universe for things, without genuine trust, perhaps from a place of anger, with fear, with sadness. it wouldn’t feel right, and it wouldn’t work. 

I learnt the method to my madness by reading Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural. A book that scientifically justifies mysticism, through neuroscience based experiments and examples. I loved this book and highly recommended it, especially for those of you that love a little bit of "its spiritual but science backs it up" (me, nerd!)

His Theory is, through meditation, entering into a transcendental state... & #1 combining a clear intention (dream or wish) with #2 a heightened emotion (gratitude, joy, love) you can tap into the field (the energetic field/aura/vibration of everything, which we cannot see) and connect energetically with our dreams - making them a reality.

New Moon Ritual.

Remember, Everyone is different, something else might tickle your fancy! So please, use this as a guide and tweak it to suit your personal way of release, expression, meditation and prayer. You can do this with friends, family or a partner, or solo! I recommend reading through this two or three times before you begin, so you can go for it and be in the zone without having to look back on the steps!

Step 1. Set the mood!

 Clear or cleanse your space using smoke, sage, palo santo or incense. Dim the lights and light some candles. Make a tea, get a glass of water. All the things you might need. Clear a safe space with no obstacles or fragile objects for the next step. Put on some music that makes you feel grounded, and might inspire some earthy movement.

Step 2. Move Your body!

I always find that movement helps me tap into this space, moving emotions and experiences through my body, allowing space to feel joy, love, gratitude and ecstasy - that is why I start here.

Tune into the music. Breathe deeply, 3 deep breaths into the belly, chest and release. I usually start with slow stretching, in side lunge (skandasana) or goddess pose. You could do some undulating cat-cow stretches. Anything that brings you into your body.

As you do this. Feel the sensations. Tune into your body. Tune out your environment. Feel your muscles engaging and relaxing, shortening and lengthening. Feel your bones stacking to hold you up, feel feel the floor beneath you. What body parts are connected to the floor? What is the texture of the floor? Is it giving you any energetic feedback? Or just texture? Is it solid or soft? Feel the clothes on your skin where they make contact and where they brush past. (or the air on your skin if you choose to do this skyclad (nude).

Let the movement get bigger, rounder, fuller. With no judgement of what you are doing or how you look - let the music move you, let your intuition and impulse move you. 

P.S don’t be afraid to make sound. This is an energetic release. Sigh, Groan, Exhale, 

Do this until you feel ready to stop. (I am usually a sweaty mess by then)

Step 3. Meditation

Once you have settled from your movement, Have a sip of water, pee if you need. Make sure you grab a blanket or put back on clothes you stripped off during your your new moon dance. 

Make yourself comfortable sitting or laying. I like to sit, with my legs crossed, back straight and hands on my knees. 

Close down the eyes. Take 3 deep breaths into my belly, and start to visualise a light, pick a colour! Glowing at the base of your spine. Feel its glowing warmth and tingling energy. Focus on it. 

Now pick a word, feeling or thing that aligns with what you are calling in this new moon. eg. Love, Gratitude, Freedom, Abundance, Healing. That becomes your mantra. 

Repeat the word softly in my mind over and over.  Let the light spiral through each chakra, from the base to the top. If you are unfamiliar with the chakras, just visualise a spiral of light with the heisted vibration of positive energy slowly traveling up your body - like following a slinky. This is a slow process and takes about 10-15 minutes. 

Hopefully you are buzzing! All over! intense tingling and joy is normal and means you have connected with "the field" on a high vibration! Take your time to come out of this. Blink your eyes

Step 4. Journal

Write down observations, experiences, visions, feelings, dreams from your meditation,

Write a list of what you want to call in - as if you already have it. The key here is you NEED to beleive it. IN YOUR BODY! So if you’re unsure you can start by saying: 

“It’s totally possible to get a promotion!. I REMEMBER when I got promoted! ” 

And once you Beleive it’s totally possible and you remember when it (already) happened…..DREAM AWAY! Get specific! These things can be big or small! 


1. I got a promotion!

2. I completed a course I always wanted to do.

3. I learnt how to spin clay.

4. I have financial abundance and stability.

5. I cross paths with a new lover.

6. I find the perfect formal dress.

7. I launched my website this month!

Step 5. Finish up

Take some time to relax and integrate your magic, Drink tea, eat some raw chocolate. Go for a walk, have a bath, read, or go straight to sleep. (Avoid social media or TV - stay connected to yourSELF)

Let go of ANY expectations, Watch your dreams come true, in ways you never imagined! Be Open minded to the wonderfful ways of the universe, your dream may take a form you didn't expect.

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