Elemental Ritual ~ Ceremonial Cacao

July 6, 2023
A recipe and a Ritual. Arguably more important than the drink itself.. is the intention you put into it.

Cacao is now my everyday ... I've swapped out coffee for cacao... The Firey Go-Getter in me never thought I would do it but, alas... Here we are and I feel 10000 times better for it. I probably drink 1 coffee a week now just for fun. Below I have written out the recipe, but more importantly i have written instructions for the Ritual. Arguably More important than the drink itself.. is the intention you put into it.

The benefits of this sacred, heart opening plant medicine are incredible... I still feel a buzz. BUT I feel a gentle exhaling "aaaaahh", energy radiating from my heart rather than a "BZZZZZT" whiz-bang caffeine-to-the-brain energy - you know. So, The Benefits of Cacao are... its OBVIOUSLY a better option for you and your adrenals (if you - like me - insist on a little kick)... Enhanced focus and cognition, Mood-boosting and energising, Supports heart health, improved blood-flow, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation & assists with skin rejuvenation. Cacao is Rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese and calcium. Just to name a few! haha..

This cacao Cacao Collective is sustainably sourced from Bali, by a wonderful Australian team who support the local community. Check their website for more details.

Okay enough jibber-jabber.

M I M I S   M A G I C   C A C A O

The recipe goes... (serves one)

+ Fill your teacup 1/2 with mylk and 1/2 water (or just mylk of your choice)

+ Pour it into a saucepan over medium heat


+ Cacao ~ Ceremonial Dose (strong) = 3 Tbsp  OR  Lovely Dose (lovely) 2 Tbsp

+ 1 Heaped (go for it) teaspoon of honey, maple or sweetener of your choice. (maybe more to taste)

+ 3-5 good cracks of salt

+ a pinch of cayenne pepper


+ 1.4 tsp of Maca Powder

+ 1.4 tsp of any other herbs you love.

at the moment.. I am adding 1tsp imbibe collagen, 1/2 tsp Lilium SPIRIT , 1/4 maca powder (it always changes)

~ once all the cacao has melted (careful not to let it boil) use a whisk, milk frother or pour it into a blender & whiz it up.

Pour into your favourite cup and ..... S L O O O O W L Y drink it (SEE ritual below for inspiration) as part of your morning ritual.

This magical drink brings me into the present as I make it, whispering incantations over the pot as I slowly stir in the ingredients, is my favourite part.

I slowly drink it with intention as part of my morning ritual. My favourite way to do this is tuning into the elements.


Hold the cacao comfortable in your hands, near to your body, take a breath and close your eyes.

1. Acknowledge EARTH. The soil of mother earth that grew all these magical plants/trees/herbs in your hands. & the many hands it has passed through to reach your cup. Notice the weight of your sits bones on your seat....

2. Acknowledge FIRE. The Heat of your stove that warmed this cup of cacao. The Sun in the sky shining its light everyday even through the clouds.The fire in your Belly ~ courage and power.

3. Acknowledge AIR.  This next breath. The Air that carries the wonderful smell of the cacao to your nose.. the joy in your heart as you get closer to sipping!

4. Acknowledge WATER.  The water in your cacao, the water that nourished the plants for them to grow to BE your cacao, your shower, the ocean, the blood and fluids of your body and your saliva which is now getting juicy and ready to sip....

But before you take a sip - whisper your intention for today into the waters of your cacao.

"To be present" "To ignite creativity" "To SURRENDER" "To feel INSPIRED to get it DONE" "To BE MYSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY"  - whatever it is for you.

 as you take that first sip, feel the warm cacao traveling down through your body, splashing into your stomach and landing.


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