Colour Story

July 6, 2023
Scientific Breakthroughs in dying and recycling technologies. Colourifix and We aRe SpinDye® clothes can be made from recycled polyester yarn and companies can use biological process to produce and fix pigments onto textiles.

One of the big guys, rewarded for their ongoing transparency H&M are taking a stand and making a statement with their Innovative Stories Collections. The materials in the Colour Stories, are dyed using plant based pigments, closed-loop system and biotechnology. I think it is amazing that a brand with so much reach is raising heightened awareness of the negative environmental effects that occur when dyeing textiles with their audience. This collection is exploring alternative methods to working with colour and lower water consumption. They have Partnered with Colourifix, a company who uses biological process to produce and fix pigments onto textiles and  We aRe SpinDye® who use recycled polyester yarn. Their colouring method focuses on the coloration of the recycled material before it is spun into yarn.

They melt colour pigments and the recycled polyester mass together and then coloured yarns are created, without the use of water. this exact step enables them to reduce the use of water in the entire textile production chain, by 75%. Please head to their website for more info - its interesting stuff!

Thank you to my number 1 team

Photographer : Steph Cammarano

Stylist : Emma Boseley

Hair and Makeup : Shannon Bunn

Film : Jerome Williams

Assistant : Inas Elashiry

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