Book Of Shadows

February 3, 2023
#1 Unapologetic Embodiment. Welcome to my Book of Shadows, Like a journal.. A specific kind, where I dial in and do "work" on myself, write down spells.

Welcome to my Book of Shadows, Like a journal.. A specific kind, where I dial in and do "work" on myself, write down spells. Notate which ones worked, which ones didn't... Maybe some some predictions as to why. Stream of consciousness, ideas, dreams, internal battles, external wins and more. Here are the parts I feel comfortable sharing, with the hopes they may help you unlock something deep inside yourself in order to heal

#1 Unapologetic Embodiment

I spent many years being debilitatingly self-conscious of my appearance and worth. This Damaged my health, relationships and enjoyment of life, for so long. I get a little sad when I think back to such incredible times in my life where I was so riddled with these thoughts, I couldn't enjoy the moment. In recent years, surrounding myself with people who felt like home, like sunshine, allowed me to come home to myself, accepting and loving myself. And then like drawing the curtains on a sunny morning, my world lit up. Last night I bathed, candlelit in chamomile and lavender, ahead of the New Moon on Friday, ready to ask *"What emotions, behaviours block the way you live your life?" and in response "What emotions, behaviours, actions and people support the way you want to live?" 

These questions helped me to Recognise the untapped wealth I have within, along with my power to change bad habits (mentally and physically). It was this exact realisation only a few years ago that allowed me to change the way i saw myself. I was able to being the life-long journey of stepping further and further into feminine power - unapologetically. Fierce feline, Serpent Sorceress, Warrior, Mermaid, Goddess, Temptress... Whatever form you connect with... maybe more than one! Expressing sexuality is an edge for a lot of people, creating a level of uncomfortability, bringing up shame, guilt insecurity and trauma...and that is totally normal... I love the darkness and the light, the ups and downs, curiosity of the unknown, what haven't I explored? Where is there still insecurity? 

 When things dont flow or I feel stuck, desensitised, not inspired or turned on by life.. Where is there room for a shift? What am I holding onto? What is there to let go of? I am always the student. I am always learning. I have limitless abundance. I am fully present. 

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