3 Keys to Unlocking Unapologetic Self Expression

July 6, 2023
The Secrets of my Workshop are finally HERE. Why Move & Manifest? Read more.

The Secrets of my Workshop are finally HERE.

Why Move & Manifest?

~ MOVEMENT can be healing ~
When we M O V E our bodies, we can tap into the Subconscious and
L E T  G O of stored experiences & emotions just by M O V I N G.

This helps to:
+ Create S P A C E (literally and energetically) in your body & mind.
+ S P A C E  allows you to...
to  C A L L  I N  what you dream, desire and want in your life.

You’re probably thinking… Okay, that’s great… but  H O W  The hell am I gonna do that…

Well, it’s  S I M P L E.
But it's  NOT  E A S Y.

The good news is, I have devised the Three Keys to help you begin exploring your own un-tapped potential.

2. LET GO of judgment of SELF and others


Are your thoughts standing in your way?
Notice what you are "thinking"
Notice how your thoughts are holding you back
Perhaps you "think" a certain thing looks cool
Perhaps you "think" you might look weird if you LET GO.
We are fully in our power, present, connected, open and AUTHENTIC when we act, and in this case MOVE from a place of FEELING.
I N T U I T I O N not from a place of THINKING, analytical mind. judgement.


Of self.
Of others.
Most importantly of self.
Because often, a feeling of others judging us, can be a projection of our OWN insecurities, our own self limiting beliefs about ourselves. Meaning, sometimes we almost use someone else’s behaviour to validate the way we truly feel about our selves… subconsciously!
ITS SIMPLE but not EASY to master.

I am playing with this idea everyday, I understand the concept ~ but it still creeps in. Every day. So, Let us Learn, Play and Practice together!


To the Music, To Guidance, To your Instinct, To Sensation, To your body.
For me , to SURRENDER is to be F U L L Y present and totally accepting of what is happening in each moment. Similar to meditation practice, allowing what is happening inside of you, and in your environment, to just be, to T R U S T and to F L O W with it, with total acceptance, even if your mind doesn’t want to accept something that is occurring.

Generally, To access my trust and presence and fully S U R R E N D E R, I take a deep breath and flow with whatever my body queues me to pay attention to... This is harder to do than it sounds, I have practised ALOT.

To me, There are many ways, techniques and tools, but here are some concepts and quick mental processes that help me to Surrender and become present in the moment, to accept how I feel and with what is happening around me.

One idea is an extension of the first key. Notice your thoughts, and see if they are holding you back, or standing in your way. If they are, Notice them and Acknowledge them, "I see you, I hear you" and then let them go, see them literally being swept off gently to the side and out of your mind. This is a form or surrendering. By letting the thoughts be, but not feeding into the story or giving them any energy by getting frustrated with them. I see you, I Accept why you have passed my mind. You do not serve me, Toodles!

Another tool is to Say “Let Go” or “Surrender” or “Let it be”  as a mantra or affirmation (repeated phrase) in your mind, like a whisper.

If something internal is happening emotionally you could caress yourself with your arms and repeat one or all of the following sentences as if speaking to the emotion, or version of yourself who felt it as its own being “I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I love you, I accept you, its okay”

Lastly, Physically you can tap into sensation as a tool to surrender... F E E L yourself Soften, Soften, Soften. Sink deeper inwards. Withdraw the senses by Closing the eyes, Imagine Focusing you're hearing inward, within your own body instead of outward. Take a Deep breath and send your awareness deep into the quietest, darkest place in your being. For me, It changes always - but is usually my Diaphragm, the space behind my Heart or deep in my Womb. From here I am able to listen to my intuition, my body, my soul and surrender to what that part of me desires. It could be to move, to shake, to release emotion or to come to stillness.

I hope these Tools, Tips and Tricks help you to cpnnect deeper to yourself and explore expression yourself unapologetically when dancing, YES but also in everyday life.

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